Women & the WEB Report – Falling Behind Men by 25% in Using Internet

Even the online space is facing the gender inequality when it comes to accessing it.

According to the recent survey report “Women & the WEB” conducted by Intel and carried by US State Department’s Office of Global Women’s Issues, UN Women and World Plus to understand the gender gap of internet users that is only 21% of women or girls are accessing Internet in developing countries that means 200 million lesser females are online when we compares with the opposite gender that is ofcourse ‘male’.

Some African and Asian countries reporting this gap upto 40% too.

To help you understand the whole survey in easy and eye catching way I’m recommending you to continue scrolling down and see the below infographic that is build to boost the information in between the online female users and share it in among others who don’t know about it to improve their ratio by interacting and educating the women and girls offline to give them a complete access to INTERNET that is most advanced and free communication channel available around the globe.

Women Lag Men By 25% In Internet Adoption

Source – Brain Track

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3 thoughts on “Women & the WEB Report – Falling Behind Men by 25% in Using Internet

  1. Miranda Imperi

    This is a really powerful inforgraphic and an issue that definitely needs more exposure. I spend my entire day online for my job, but I’m heavily dependent on the internet for everyday tasks as well. I get almost all of my information by searching on Google. It’s hard for me to imagine a world where all this information is not accessible to me. This definitely makes me more grateful for what I have today. How are organizations going about correcting this problem?

    1. Robinsh Post author

      Miranda, I think you got it and now I want you share it with your friends who also are not accessing the Internet and leaving all the job, business or say money making opportunity on the table in their dining room.

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