5 Tips on Tweeting From an Event

5 tips on tweeting from an event

I found a great slide to share with you if you are interested in being socially active even directly from the event venue and like to discuss about the event at social networks specially at twitter then here are 5 tips on tweeting.

#1. Know the Hashtag

It is a very important point to know the #hashtag of the event and for that you can browse the twitter account of the event organizer or simply check their event page because then only you can target the audience who are interested in that particular event.

Hashtags allow you to discuss with the group of people who are interested in a single topic and that’s why you should care about it to be valuable for the twitter audience and getting the most out of your efforts.

#2. Use the Hosts WI-FI

Most probably your host will give every attendee to use the WI-FI for free and that’s why you should check for the network and password if any, the question is why don’t you care for this point if you can save your data ?

#3. Tweet a lot

Twitter is a social network that attracts massive messages about a topic at a time and that’s why to get noticed you should care for this point and keep tweeting about the event.

#4. Tweet Your Experience and Observations

Now you know that twitter messages could go invisible to your audience because of massive updates from its users so you have to tweet a lot, but what should be the messages ?

You can tweet :-

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Quotes
  • Announcements
  • Your personal observations

#5. Tweet to People

If you know the friends or fans of yours who are interested in the events like that don’t forget about tweeting with them by adding their twitter handle like @robinsh123 and then see what happens when they will retweet your message.

In conclusion

It’s a simple but very informative slideshare about tweeting from an event and that’s why I think you should care of this update and tweet it in your attendees to educate them and help them to spread the news about your upcoming events.

Have more tips like them ? Please add them in the comments below.

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