Tips for Lowering Cholesterol in the Body

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Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is produced within the body by the liver. There are some important functions that the cholesterol performs in the body. They are helpful in maintaining the health of the cell walls; help in making vitamin D and also in the digestion of fat.

HDL and LDL cholesterol

These are the uses of the HDL cholesterol which is called the good cholesterol. There is however another kind of cholesterol in the body called the LDL cholesterol which is the root cause of various complications in the body. Some complications that the LDL cholesterol causes are heart diseases and problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. This is when the levels of cholesterol exceed the permissible levels.

Causes of high cholesterol levels

One of the major causes of the increased levels of cholesterol in the body is the incongruous diet that is full of saturated fat. The next apparent cause is the sedentary and motionless lifestyle that is devoid of exercises. The food that you eat is stored in the form of fat and hence in the increase of cholesterol. When there is lack of exercise, it is evident that there is excessive weight which in turn results in excessive cholesterol levels.

How to reduce cholesterol levels

  • A firm determination is the first step to lower the cholesterol levels in your body. This is important especially for the ones who are used to eating chunks of junk food every now and then.
  • The next step is to prepare a proper diet plan that includes all the nutritious foods. The best cholesterol lowering foods are vegetables and fruits that contain high fiber content. The fiber actually absorbs the excessive cholesterol, thereby bringing the levels down to a great extent.
  • Daily exercise is also important for the reduction of LDL cholesterol. Make sure you perform atleast thirty minutes of physical activity everyday to ensure the good health of the body. It is not necessary that you visit the gym for the exercises; walking and jogging may do the necessary for restoring your health.
  • If you choose to follow a high protein diet plan for the weight reduction, make sure you cut down on red meat as it contains most cholesterol. Go for lean meat instead. The poultry products must also be of low fat.
  • Keep the junk food out of your diet plan and snack on nuts and fruits instead. They not only reduce the cholesterol levels but provide you with some important nutrients too. Strictly avoid eating out as they can increase your cravings for the junk food.

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  1. emily

    I’ve high cholesterol level too, and I need to bring it down. But I lack the discipline to stick to my diet plan.

  2. Competitions

    Yeah,cholesterol is great agent to get thick your blood and get narrow you vans walls,which is very major cause of High blood pressure and heart diseases.

  3. Teresa Faulkner

    Hi Robinsh, thank you for the insightful blog about lowering cholesterol. I have been battling high cholesterol levels for years. I also found a great way on how to lower cholesterol naturally.

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