Telephone Etiquette: Tips for Businesses

If the backbone of your business is based on your employees’ telephone manner, you could find that helping them to improve their phone etiquette could help you to win over new customers.

Sales teams, account managers and customers service representatives will all need to be approachable and friendly on the phone, so do your best to give your employees the tools they need to carry out their jobs successfully.

Top 7 Tips for Excellent Business Telephone Etiquette


are as below …

  • Answer calls promptly

It’s a general rule of thumb within offices around the world to answer calls within three rings. This helps to make customers feel as though your company actually cares about their call. It also helps to make sure the customer isn’t already annoyed when someone takes their call.

  • Smile, even if it looks silly

Smiling when talking on the phone can make you sound much more enthusiastic. Even if your employees don’t like the idea of smiling every time they answer the phone, it’ll help to improve their telephone manner.

  • Don’t interrupt

If a customer is speaking, let them. You should never interrupt a customer while they are on the phone to you – unless they have started to use abusive language. At this point you are free to remind them of the company’s policy on this kind of behaviour and even put the phone down on them if they continue.

  • Fulfill promises

If an employee promises to call a customer back at a later date, don’t let them forget about it. Failing to return calls can quickly make customers feel that their custom isn’t required, meaning they may end up going elsewhere.

  • Be mindful of putting customers on hold

Sometimes, asking to call a customer back rather than putting them on hold while dealing with other calls is the better option. It’s never a good idea to sound rushed on the phone, and it would be even worse to leave a customer on hold for an extended period of time.

  • Keep personal calls to a minimum

It’s fine for your employees to take the odd personal call in emergencies or concerning important tasks. However, you should let them know that taking personal calls on a regular basis is not allowed, as it can distract them from their work.

  • Lead by example

If you want your employees to have amazing telephone skills, you should always lead by example. If you’re rude and ungracious to customers, your employees will take it as the way things are done in your business. Be kind, courteous and professional at all times.

Despite the rise of the internet, telephone communication is still the preferred method for most customers. Make sure your employees are up to the task by helping them to brush up on their telephone etiquette skills.

Author Bio; This article was written by Aurora Johnson on behalf of Abbey Telecom, a provider of telephone systems in the UK.