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Apple’s WWDC 2012 Scheduled for June 11-15

Like last year again it’s time for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference what is scheduled to be in between June 11-15 in San Francisco’s Moscone West.

apple wwdc 2012

It is well known conference from the Apple Inc. for the developers to understand and become familiar with the latest software releases with the help of Engineers leading the company and who did contributed in those software they plan to release or give any update on the previous releases.

In the WWDC 2012 Apple Inc. planned that they are going to reveal the iOS and OS X Mountain Lion with the help of 100 technical sessions presented by the Apple engineers and 100 labs-on staffed by the 1000 Apple engineers, Apple Design Awards which recognizes best iPhone iPad and Mac apps and opportunity to connect with the other developers of iOS and OS X.

The official schedule of WWDC 2012 is that the conference will start on 11th of June at sharp 10:00 am. It is not out that who will lead the conference but according to media experts the CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook will lead the event.

Who can Attend the WWDC 2012

This conference WWDC 2012 is open for the members of the iOS Developer Program, iOS Developer Enterprise Program or Mac Developer Program with the admission price of $1,599.

The New iPad is Scheduled to Launch on 16th March 2012

The new iPad is the one of the finest and most selling tablet in the world. The new IPad is the most conventional device from apple which is about to launch on 16th of March in United States, Germany, Japan and United Kingdom this year. The IPad 3 is also called “the new iPad”.

The new iPad is the most advanced and latest tablet in the world which has new features, sleek and thinner than the old versions of iPad. The new iPad have fully touch screen with a high resolution of 2048 x 1536.

The ipad 3 will have a lighter battery, helpful to reduce the heaviness of the iPad 3. The battery backup is also 2 to 3 hours more than the current iPad’s.  The ipad 3 will have a wireless charging technology, which is helpful to transfer data and charge battery wirelessly.

The ipad 3 have latest operating system OS 5, which will increase the speed of the machine.  iCloud technology is used in this advanced tablet which is helpful to download photos, calendars, apps and itunes without having store in the tablet  memory. High quality camera is given in the latest iPad. It is projected to have a 5 mega pixel camera with 1080 pixels or 720 pixels video recording quality is given in the latest iPad 2012.

Features of “the new iPad”

  • The touch screen given in the iPad 3 is coated with oleo phobic material, which will reduce the finger prints and oil on the tablet screen.
  • It is expected that iPad 3 is also capable to display the 3D pictures.
  • Quad core processor is used in the new iPad, which will improve the speed of latest version of iPad’s.
  • Many new features are also available in the ipad 3.
  • The ipad 3 is sleeker and attractive than the previous iPad’s.
  • The new ipad is 20 percent sleeker than previous one.
  • The iPad 3 battery is 9.4 mm thin and its weight is 1.4 lbs. 12 to 14 hours battery backup is expected.
  • In the latest version of i-pad. Wi-fi and 4G features are available in the iPad 3.

Price of iPad 3

The iPad 3 with wi-fi function and 16 GB HD cost is $ 499 and if you are taken with 4G feature, it will cost $629. Fast data connectivity and high resolution is the thing which can make ipad 3 more special.

The 9.7 inches retina display is given in the advance ipad 3. The ipad 3 is the 3rd generation iPad so you will get much more than you imagined.

iOS 5 Broke the RedSnow Model in First Generation iPod : The Installation Steps

Apple releases it’s first generation iPod with the iOS 5 operating system and this launches makes the iPod selling with some of its new features like twitter as a social media site and apps like instant messaging that enables it to entertain users and also provides a step rather an option to customize its applications during installations and the installation steps are as follows.

10 Installation Steps for iOS 5

Step 1) - First to some good browser and hit or click on the search for good setup of new iOS 5 for iPod first generation red snow.

Step 2) – Download the setup directly or using a software like soft tonic with a licensed version approved by the company itself.

Step 3) – After finishing downloading start the setup of iOS 5 by double clicking the downloaded file.

Step 4) – When first generation iPod is running you can see the next button for copyright version of it.

Step 5) – After accepting the copyright terms and condition you have come up into the screen of customize our iOS 5 for your iPad.  Here you can feature your iPad according to yourself. Some of the features like notification centre, message centre and all you can change and adjust their settings accordingly as you wish at install time itself. Some other features like Camera, video recorder and by default necessary and get installed as they are the basic need that the every user sees for in a first generation iPod with iOS 5 operating system.

Step 6) – By customizing your setting you have to go through all these pages: the basic information about what the features like notification centre tells the user that in your iOS 5 device what and where are the notification going to come regarding the services and apps you will suggest for. After going through all this you then have to go for choosing the apps for your red snow iPod like instant messaging, twitter   and all other social media activities and stuff.

Step 7) – This is the main step from where your original setup starts up and installing your iOS 5 version 1 will commenced. Red snow IPod manages all your apps and services that you had chooses safely into its memory. Basically the installation procedure consists of 4 main points which needs to be executed with minimum of two time’s reboot of the system.

Step 8) – By making step by step like this you will finish the reboot and your IPod gets ready to finally be boot for making a new environment for the user to use.

Step 9) – Before coming to an end your iOS 5 will set the IPod resolution as per your wish and now reboots finally for new run.

Step 10) – After clicking on the finish button your setup for iOS 5 version 1 of red snow get completed.

Apple to build more Lighter & Smaller Macbook, able to run for weeks due to their new Patent of Fuel Cell mechanism

This week we got information from the U.S patent officials that Google filed and got approval for automatic cars on 13th Dec 2011 and now it’s a big news about Apple Inc. where the guys filed for Hydrogen based fuel cell for using in their macbooks to provide battery backup of weeks and after this integration they will also be able to produce highly compact macbook what will be more smaller and lighter than ever.

It’s a revolutionary month for big brands and they are getting approval at their files for patent of new technology to make buzz in the year 2012 no doubt they will take more years but after getting this news out they will make time to time announcement about their future business ideas what will be directly affecting commons life.

According to Appleinsider where it was the first time seen news about Apple’s activity in U.S Patent Office for Hydrogen Fuel Based Cell for their gadgets, Apple is about to work on the future macbooks where people will forget about battery discharging challenges and in future they will forget about macbook charger to even carry in travel of weeks.

Why they are innovative enough ?

Simple because they are working for giving solution to our daily life problems and challenges.

You know that if we are using technology we are also facing a lot of problems after using them like we loves to ride car but due to heavy demand in the society now we keep searching for parking space and Google is working on automaic cars for solving the same situation where your car will search for parking space and get parked by self.

And now the Apple Inc working on the problem of carrying your charger and charging your laptop after every 3-4 hours but now you will be able to move without your charger even you have to go abroad for weeks because after their latest patent they may be able to increase the battery backup of their macbook from 3-4 hours top 3-4 weeks.

So what is the conclusion ?

Problem Solved !!

Being innovative and productive for holding their market share companies are working on the future needs and current demands of the users/customers of any product or the gadget without what life will become a total mess.

Means we the commons are target of all these improvements we see on the daily basis specialy in the technology field, so enjoy and wait until your hi-tech dreams come true.

Top 7 Tips to Protect Your MacBook

This is a guest post written by Sarah Hoekstra,  If you want to contribute guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines and join our information sharing program.

Secure it with a password

Setting up your Mac computer the first time, and creating a user account by default the account will let you log in automatically when you wake up from sleep or boot your machine. This may be a slight issue for a desktop MacBook back at home; it is recommended that you switch off the automatic login. When it is stolen or you lose it, or someone wants to access it on your absence, they can’t get in and have access to your information.

Put Your Name on it

This may sound silly, but in case you forget your Mac machine, some Good Samaritan may see the name written on it, and get it back to you.

Turn off Bluetooth, keyboard light and dim the display

When your Keyboard is lit up, it uses power and if you are not connected to any power source it will drain your battery fast. By turning off the Bluetooth, dimming the display and turning off the keyboard backlight, you will stretch the life span of your battery.

Create an “on the plane” Location

A Mac computer has a location manager that will basically turn off all networking and Airport. Hence the MacBook will not constantly look for any wireless network. Because it’s a location one can switch to it under the apple menu and switch it back to its automatic location.

Tap the trackpad

Apple made the whole trackpad to be the button. Instead of you having a physical press button, you have the option of taping and that does the trick. Windows notebook has trackpad set as its default behavior.

Get Apple Care

If you have a MacBook, it is recommended you get Apple care. This is not that they experience more problems than the desktops, it’s about the amount that you would spend to repair a MacBook, in case something wrong does happens to it, and your one year warranty is over. A MacBook repair could cost you Hundreds of dollars, to an extent of exceeding the value of the computer. Apple care should be an automatic purchase for safety purposes of your MacBook.

Using your MacBook

When charging the battery or using you MacBook, it’s very normal for the bottom of the case to get warm. If you are using it for a long period of time, you should place your MacBook on a flat and stable surface. You should not place your machine on your laps or any other body surfaces for a long period of time. This can cause discomforts and a potential burn. The MacBooks bottom surface functions as a cooling surface which transfers heat from within the computer to the outside region. Its bottom is raised to allow free air circulation that keeps the unit in the normal required temperature.
A very important thing to note is to ensure that you only use the power adapter that came with your laptop. Other adaptors may have a similar look, but may have an effect to the performance of your computer or damage it.

About author

Sarah Hoekstra- professional Guest blogger. Writing for PCKeeper-useful software that also contains disk cleaner and registry cleaner.

Death Confirmed – Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Father of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs passed away fighting with pancreatic cancer and this news confirmed from the Apple’s official website at the home page putting an image quoting years Jobs live here in between us and performed a lot of world changing innovations like iphone, ipad and a whole new experience at computing for what we will never ever suppose to forget him.

Recently when Steve offered his position of CEO to Tim Cook he was sure about his productivity and innovative ideas to take a rest being the member of board of director there at Apple Inc. Now when he is not in between us people are gathering at the Apple stores and remembering the man of era who changed their life introducing the gadgets no one can’t live without.

Digmlm team also remembering this man who made a different pathway to move on and became an aspiring human being for motivating all the youth as well as entrepreneur group taking his moves for getting the desired place in commons life like he achieved in the last 56 years span of time.

Comments are coming from allover the globe including Barack Obama who said ” The world has lost a visionary”. so we recommend you to contribute your words infront of the media as well as it’s reader and show your love for Steve Jobs.

9 iPhone Apps to Become More Productive at Work

Apple Inc made a great product iPhone (a smartphone) that became market leader and most common reason behind was nothing different than it’s application store where you will be easily findout any application for your day to day life working and getting help from the same.

Becoming more productive means nothing strange but you have to give more of results or the production in the same time period as you were getting in previous schedule.

Today we are also going to discuss about the most used applications that increases your productivity at work during the job or your own business management, here below we have given a list of those iPhone applications after finding them from the apple’s app store observing they will really made for helping your work in seconds that you makes in hours.

  1. Harvest Time & Expense Tracker – This app will help you to track time, building invoices in no time and running your business without any late work generating reports and managing budget.
  2. Attendance Countdown – This application supports you to get exact timing what were you doing at office and what was your working and non working time at your desk, it also includes data hom much time you spent on break or else.
  3. SugarSync – It makes your reach to your other devices you needs to use during your work via remote client or you can also get it on the cloud you may have saved previously.
  4. Jott for iPhone – Voice to text converter that saves a lot of time for informing anybody or your juniors regarding work or anything in general.
  5. WritingPad – This app is made for helping you with making some handwriting recognition.
  6. Evernote – This application works when you thinks about capturing the text,video or even the audio format in your day to day working at the workplace.
  7. iTalk Recorder – This app is one of the best to record your work in the audio format for achieving and getting the best of your ideas or work plan.
  8. Mocha VNC – This application is another mobile computing client for getting better experience during your travel or far away position and still want access to your important files lies in your PC.
  9. MobileMe – This app works fine when you thinks to have access with your all the other devices like PC or else.

If you know about more please share here in the comments

You may be also a frequent user of apple iPhone and working on some of the best applications I am not aware about then it would be better for all the digmlm readers and authors to get some more from your side in the comments section of this post as that is highly visible below the articles.

iSteve ‘Apple CEO Steve Job’s,Bio’ Is Already the Bestseller In Pre Sells

Hundreds of unauthorised bios are out online and offline to from years about ‘Apple’s Steve Jobs’ but this is the first time when Steve himself involved in the making of this bestseller in pre sell orders at Amazon book store “iSteve” the book of Jobs, for what Simon & Schuster interviewing Steve, colleagues, friends and family since 2009 and announced to launch the book officially on 6th March 2012.

The book has been the #1 bestseller in three different categories: Business Professional’s Biographies, Technology, and Biography & History.

This book will be available in 448 pages for $16.50 (hardcover) and as a kindle edition $14.99, according to current data announcement and also can be seen at Amazon it has been found that iSteve is at 15th place in top 100 selling books of Amazon and that’s all just within 2 days after it appeared at Amazon book store.