Students Do Drop Out, Know the Reasons Here

students do drop out

Students leaves their college or even school and everyone keeps asking why ? But every student gives another reason (from some commons) for dropping his/her studies in the middle of semesters.

Today I will pick more than these two reports one was covered by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Public Agenda) in year 2009 and now a journalism teacher at Texas Carol Richtsmeier  wrote about the same topic why students do drop out.

According to Public Agenda why students do drop out ?

In this report it was clear at that time most of the students dropped because they had to manage the JOB and studies at the same time and both at a time was so stressful and they simply dropped because they were not getting financial support from their families and it was mandatory to pay the bills anyhow.

In the report 71% students said that they dropped their school or college only because they were not able to pay the bills while they have kids to take care, groceries to buy, car to maintain etc.

According to Carol why students do drop out ?

Carol is a school teacher who encountered many cases of her students do drop out in the current scenario and when she asked about the reasons it was really shocking founding that today’s students leaving their college because they feels boring at college or school checking their syllabus and following the same routine daily.

Other reasons why students do drop out ?

Between 2009 and 2012 I have gone through many articles for finding some other reasons and yeah found some, specially from the developing countries like India I got the news that students dropped because of number reasons as mentioned below.

Students leaving their studies because :-

  • They are not going to get JOB even after studies
  • They have to take responsibilities of their family
  • They don’t have money to pay increasing college fees
  • Girl student and her parents have to pay the dowry (more important than studies :)
  • They met with some serious disease or accidents causing permanent disability

These are the common reasons you will listen from a students do drop out.

What I think

I think education should not be the source of your income or else and hence you should complete it for developing your personality choosing any of the method like online education, distant education etc if not possible to take regular classes at college due to any of the reasons I covered above.

If you also dropped your college or school please let us know the reasons below in the comment and also what you feels being un-educated in this fasts forward hi-tech world.