Finding a Storage Space for Physical Products

In this modern business scenario we always thinks fast and smart but their are few aspects of business specially when your company deals with the physical products, no I am not talking about manufacturing, marketing or anything else this time we have a great issue to solve and that is the storage space for your ready to sell products.

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It applies even if you are a distributor or retailer of the physical products who deals in masses and have to deal with the safe and cheap space for keeping the products that company delivers on your demand.

What would be covered here in this article ?

  • What to Store
  • Kinds of Storage Services Available
  • Cost to Store
  • Safety

#1. What to Store

It’s a risky part be careful in storing the products specially the one that can expire or create a mess like medicines, vegetables, non durable eatables items and many more like these because then the storage space provider would not be liable for any of the losses that happens due to your carelessness and ignorance to the life of those products.

Yes you should get a business storage service for the products like gadgets, textiles, licensed alcoholic item because I heard that they gets better over time :) yeah a great and important one I was about to miss that your office space also comes under storage space services so you can always ask these firms if you need one.

#2. Kinds of Storage Services Available

This can be numerous industry to industry but I would like to introduce the main ones as the large storage space provider firms deals with :-

  1. Pallet Storage - Where you pays only for the space within your products are settled.
  2. Warehouse Space - Where you do store the bulk product order and pays for the entire area.
  3. Archiving - It comes the storage type when you have to store the secure documents, record archive storage.
  4. Office Space –¬†Extremely flexible services are out there where you don’t have to pay more than Rs.1000 a day and that’s even without any lease agreement.
  5. Multi Site - You deals at a point with the firm and your products are going to be in secure hands at multiple locations.
  6. Online Businesses – When you have to sell online like you have a ebay store and your space demand is increasing day by day due to massive sales so the firm would not ask for any paper work again but service charges would increase too simultaneously.

#3. Cost to Store

Actually it differs on your requirement, and locations. If you are storing some outside of the city location the cost be lower than the locations inside the city and every country have different norms about these services and that’s why the taxes differs too.

But it would never surpass your profit !

#4. Safety

Don’t worry you always can have insurance on your storage and yeah you have to be aware about some damages and losses in the way if dealing in bulk and with a big storage firm. But they never disappoints you and you could always find them to store your order for you if you don’t have your personal arrangements till the time of the delivery.

Your Take

I think it was a good one where I discussed a lot without taking much of your time, please say what do you think ? You got something for your business or not, if you believes that I can do something for helping in your business issues then please use my contact page and leave your question and I would come up with an article like this.

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    In-spite of it that i am not dealing in manufacturing or in distributing but i know that the importance of storage space is very high. Especially when you are distributor, in this scenario your shared points are very important to understand the technicalities regarding storage space. The most informative point you shared is “Cost to Store” because it is the first question when you are going to deal for a storage space.

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