Best Posts of the BuzzInBiz in 2013

It was really an awesome year for digmlm because it’s got a new identity BuzzInBiz focused to event management students and professionals.

Best of BuzzInBiz 2013

And now like the last year I’m here again to let you know that what was most popular among the digmlm or buzzinbiz readers helping you stay subscribed to the upcoming updates and plan your advertising campaigns if you  are looking to target BIB readers.

Best of BuzzInBiz in 2013

#1. Top 15 Best Websites for Online Shopping in India

It is really worth checking and sharing in between your friends to grab every basic to professional information about online shopping in India and in addition you would come to know about top 15 websites from where you can do online shopping with a 100 % trust because they are the market leaders and buyers believe in their name and service provided.

#2. Top 39 Movies on Computer Hacking

All time favorite of digmlm readers is now on the second position and I hope people are enjoying their copy of the movies listed in this list, might be all the readers would be from technology background, but I think business professionals should also see some mind opening strategy movies that can refresh their mood and they can do a good job in their upcoming projects.

#3. Skills an Applicant Must Posses to Obtain a CISCO CCT Data Center Certification

Students preparing for technical degrees and diploma were target of this post and they got it, so I’m very much happy because I helped them to learn anything about their interest and now you should share this post to help it reach in more online searchers.

#4. Trending Business Ideas for 2013

Last year I wrote a futuristic post on the trending business ideas for 2013 and that was a big hit because digmlm was targeted to business minded readers and now you should also check that it is good or you can do better in any other business niche, please have a look and let me know in the comments below if its helping you in choosing your next business venture for the year 2014.

#5. Top 5 Distance Education, Universities of India

If you are a college student and looking to make your business along with your further studies, then this is the article written for you and you should go and check that which one would be your next institution from where you get your degree desired.

#6. World’s Worst Countries for Basic Education

An awesome guest post written by Edward Stern, is listing the countries where we all should focus to improve their basic education system by creating awareness in our friends and family and donating to the education based charities active in those countries.

#7. What’s the difference between the UK and the US education system ?

Another awesome guest post that became the best post of year 2013 at buzzinbiz and he was simply asking a question about the difference between US and UK education system and later on answering himself what the readers liked most, have a look if you are also interested in education system of these developed nations.

Over to YOU

It all happened only because of your engagement and I would like to say a big thanks to stay with the digmlm and buzzinbiz all along the journey and in the future, I would like to reward you back, you just have to do is stay connected and subscribed to the updates.

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