Statistics of Pirated Software Downloads

Internet is one of the greatest invention ever specially if we counts it in the human development using technology and gadgets, and this technical life demands more software to make our life easier and smarter.

But no one thinks about paying for using those paid software to make their output better while finds link to get the same for free and involves themselves in the piracy crime unknowingly and also promotes these activities in their circle to save some bucks. And developers are in loss according to their income reports but how long they will bear it all and choose to shutdown their services and again we will be in problems during solving our business problems.

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List of most downloaded Pirated Softwares

  • Adobe Photoshop : Most popular image editor around the globe and that’s the region it’s targeted as most pirated software among the computer users.
  • Microsoft Office : Microsoft is emerging as the best graphical operating system and that’s why people’s are getting it more helpful in their day to day life. No doubt Microsoft is creating a place for common computer users in their student, professional or business life, So it’s obvious to see these applications as most downloaded in pirated listings.
  • AVG Antivirus : Rated as #1 in computer security softwares as it was always recommendation from the companies and experts as well but how to get these costly softwares update every year and pay for same. So the users are searching for cracked and hacked copies of these softwares.
  • McAfee Virus Scan : Rated as #2 in computer security softwares and getting downloaded from the modern users of 2011 but all the users returns back to again AVG because of higher performance.
  • Symantec Nortan Anti-Virus : One of competitive security software and getting higher download rate in the recent report. 1/4th of users are downloading this security crack and enjoying the same.

  • Adobe DreamWeaver : Who deals with web development or something related to coding for the web pages they requires this editor that helps them to edit graphically that saves time and in lower mental power consumption.
  • Intuit Turbo-tax : Intuit’s do-it-yourself tax program is popular — so popular, in fact, that in 2001 the IRS reported that 15 million tax returns had been prepared with the software, while Intuit only actually sold 5.5 million desktop copies of it.

  • Adobe Acrobat : The popular program that allows users to edit, create, and view files in Portable Document Format.

  • Autodesk AutoCAD :AutoCAD is a Computer Aided Drafting tool, first released all the way back in 1982 (the latest version was released in 2010). AutoCAD allows its users to design complex objects and is thus popular among architecture students (and design firms).

Regional stats for Pirated Software Downloads

Around the world Internet users are growing exponentially and in the same ratio software downloads are getting at it’s high in downloads, some time it also happens that server gets overloaded due to excess number of downloads for a specific software within a period of time when software gets popular or launch and becomes viral in the technology news because of use and availability via recommended sources on the Internet.

During the financial year of 2009 and 2010 piracy rate was as shown below.

Key features regarding the above mentioned stats of pirated downloads.

  • The global piracy rate dropped by 1 point from 2009 to 42 percent — which remains the second-highest global rate in the study’s history.
  • Emerging economies now account for more than half the global value of PC software theft, $31.9 billion.
  • Many PC users lack a clear understanding of whether common ways of acquiring software are legal or illegal, especially in high-piracy markets.
  • Half of the 116 economies studied in 2010 had piracy rates of 62 percent or higher, and two-thirds had at least one software program pirated for every one installed legally.
  • Public opinion strongly favors intellectual property (IP) rights: seven PC users in 10 support paying innovators for their creations to promote more technology advances.
  • PC users around the world recognize licensed software to be better than pirated software, with 81 percent saying it is more secure and reliable.

After reading all the above data about piracy in software business you may be wondering about how to get original and authenticated softwares or how to complain about the pirated softwares you may be using because of lack of information or because of unavailability, to register any complain about software piracy visit to Internet Piracy Portal.

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    user should have right to not keep upgrading for silly additions. if you think software should be considered as goods like other commodities, then rethink about the price of the product keeping in mind economics of scale of production and cost of creating another copy. goods on the other hand require almost as much as the cost of producing the first copy, where as software takes vitually no effort. the more they sell the cheaper it should be. ms should be selling windows for 2 or 3 cents per copy if economic factors are considered. This is legal outright daylight robbery. and that too has to keep throwing away a perfectly, stable and productive Commodity.

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