How to Organize a Health Camp for Adults

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Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy while learning important things in life. Adult health camps target to improve the health of every participant  who joins these activities. It aims to provide valuable information about a specific topic that is related to health. There is a rise in the number of sponsored adult health camps in the country that promotes a certain aspect of health. Most activities in adult health camps include lectures, training and seminars as well as other fun activities like games and contests which depends upon the theme of the health camp.

Organizing a Health Camp for Adults

organize a health camp

Organizing a health camp for adults may be quite a huge task, which may require an amount of time when it comes to planning and executing the said camp. However, the results of organizing a health camp can be rewarding especially when you want to disseminate facts to participants and help others achieve optimum health. The secret to having a successful health camp for adults is through proper planning of the event. Good planning and proper execution of the plans will truly make your health camp a hit and participants will surely be looking forward to the next event after that.

You should also consider the following when organizing the camp

  • Source of funds.
  • Timeline
  • Goal of the camp
  • Number of participants
  • Number of personnel you need Choose a Theme for Your Adult Health Camp

This is the first step in realizing your plan. It is important that your camp is focused on what topic to promote. Organizers may choose to add a few sub topics related to the theme, but it is important to stick to what you have planned first .A good theme is related to the health problems that your local community is facing. If there is none, then you may choose a certain disease or illness that is common to adults just like diabetes and hypertension. This will help spark the interest of adults from your local community to participate in the event.

Some of the famous themes across the country are Weight loss camps, Diabetes camps, Hypertension camps

Having the Right Personnel As the organizer of the event, it is essential to gather qualified personnel for the camp. These individuals should be willing to help you in the preparation all throughout the procedures of organizing the camp. These personnel may include doctors and specialists when it comes to the topic you want to discuss.

In addition, health workers should be there to assist these individuals when it comes to handling the participants during activities. The personnel you employ should be physically fit to handle the pressures of working on the camp. They should also be prepared to mingle for a span of time with individuals who have different needs and health problems that are related to the theme of your health camp.

Here are other things one should possess to be a qualified personnel:

  • Quick thinker
  • Problem solver
  • Has knowledge on the theme of the camp
  • Has no personal issues that may interfere with performance while on duty

Before starting the camp, team members should be trained first about the basics of camping as well as the things to be done to the participants of the activity. This may include a seminar about the latest updates on the field that is related to the disease or health problems that you want to promote.

The Camp Site

The camp site should be a comfortable place for the participants to enjoy and still depends on the theme you want to promote. Thinking about what the participants all have in common may help you decide what type of camp site to choose. If your participants are suffering certain disease like either hypertension or diabetes, it is wise to launch the camp in a nice hostel that is just a few miles away from the hospital just in case something happens that is beyond your personnel’s control and knowledge.

When the health camp simply aims to promote proper hygiene to participants, you may choose to have an outdoor camp site in order to enjoy what real camping feels like. Also, the activities you plan to do in the camp will help a lot in choosing the right location of the camp site.

The best camp sites would provide:

  • Unique experience of the participant
  • Comfort while away from home
  • Could handle all the activities you have in a safe way
  • Promoting the event

It is important to inform the community or those who are concerned about the activity six months before it starts. This will help interested participants to prepare themselves for the activities there is in the camp. The medium where you will promote the website is important since it should be able to reach your target individuals.

Having a short article in the newspaper or press release may help a lot in promoting the camp since most adults read one Social media may also help a lot in encouraging individuals to participate in this activity.

Other ways to promote the camp are the following:

  • Flyers or leaflets
  • Radio ads
  • Television ads

Participants of the Said Event

Registration of participants is important to know the number of individuals who will join the camp. This should start two months after promoting the activity. This aims to give participants time to prepare for the requirements you have set before the registration. Depending on the activity, you may have criteria to follow when it comes to assessing your participants. This will help avoid certain situations during the camping like accidents due to physical incapability of the individual on a certain activity. The fee to be collected to qualified participants should be reasonable to help encourage them to register and participate in the said event.

In addition, you may want to consider the following criteria when choosing participants of the camp:

  • Physically fit for the activities
  • Has no other agenda for joining the camp
  • Can follow instructions

All participants should be reminded about the departure time and the location where everyone should meet a day before the activity. This will help remind the participants about the activity and also avoid confusions. A diary should also be given to the participants for them to know what to look forward during the camp.

Other instructions about where they will stay as well as the locations of the activities should be included in this diary as well. Handouts should be given during discussions and seminars in order for participants to understand what is being discussed by the speaker or by the group. Every personnel should also check that everyone is participating in the activities and the objectives of the organizers are met.

They should also be ready to assist and support the participants, who are having a hard time while in the camp. You may think about other activities for the campers that they may enjoy as long as it is still related to your theme. This may include:

  1. Games
  2. Exercise
  3. Arts and craft

It is very important that participants have each of their health insurance card
ready if you are camping outside the country to be able to receive treatment in case anything happens during the course of the camping. This card helps for free medical treatment when an emergency arises and you are in a foreign country. One will never know what may happen next and it is always better to play safe than sorry.

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