Nokia Lumia 620 a Hot Shot in Smartphone Market

Soon or later every company has to understand that the buyers are looking at the products or services in a different way to buy and especially in the tech and gadget category.

Example : Nokia, it was loosing its market space that was totally based upon durability and reliability while now in this fancy world very few one care about reliable and durable gadgets and it really matters to them that how hi-tech and fancy gadgets are available to buy in the budget.

Moves that Saved Nokia

  • Launching Nokia Lumia 620
  • Partnering with China Mobile

Nokia Lumia is the best bet ever from Nokia and no doubt it was the model that saved the entire company to go bankrupt and now we are talking about Nokia Lumia 620 a Windows 8 based Smartphone with the attractive price tag of only $249 and it’s really the first product from the company that is best to buy for the features at such a low rate when compared to other phone makers dominating the world market.

Nokia is partnering with the China Mobile and it would be another reason that will help the company a lot to grab the worlds biggest Smartphone market. You will be crazy to know that China Mobile has more than 700 million subscribers and not in any deal to sell phones with the companies like Apple or Smasung, decided to promote Nokia Lumia 920 another powerful product of the company with some exciting and new features like a 4.5 inch screen, 1280 X 768 display, 8.7 mega pixel camera with optical image stabilization, wireless charging and every radio & sensor you seek in a smart phone.

Nokia Lumia 620 – Complete Analysis

nokia lumia 620

Why the Nokia Lumia 620 is the biggest Nokia saver till date ? Hmm it’s a good question if you are getting in your brain and let me tell you one thing that even after coming to the series of Nokia Lumia company was not targeting it’s targeted consumer base that is middle class or say the lower middle class who seeks durable and reliable products to use.

After launching the Nokia Lumia 620company again got that consumer back to believe in them with their money invested and no doubt that was the penetrating price tag with the eye popping features integrated with the windows 8 operating system within.

Design of Nokia Lumia 620

This time the product is available in five different colors such as  – white, black, yellow, cyan and magenta. Nokia Lumia 620 is going to be one of the most appealing models ever made by the company and no doubt you will feel die for buying this just after it hits your local stores.

The company has also created the transparent covers to enhance the color scheme of your handset depending upon your choice, like a yellow phone can be changed to lime by covering it with a transparent cover shaded in blue.

Display of Lumia 620

The size of the display area in your handset would be 3.8 inches that are an ideal size to experience the high end working on your gadget for playing games, reading documents, mails, Facebook or even in watching video or images.

Don’t think it’s a negative on the phone because to combine the features it had to be at this point only according to the makers of this amazing stylish and powerful gadget that will blow your mind in comparison you will pay for it.

OS and supporting features of Nokia Lumia 620

This device is coming with Windows 8 inbuilt and for browsing you have the browser Internet Explorer 10.

  • 7GB Skydrive storage
  • Access to Xbox media store
  • Nokia apps for music, navigation and photography

While the lumia 620 don’t have features like wireless charging you will get the near field communication (NFC), including NFC pairing devices like external speakers.

Camera of Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia is not adding anything new in this category so you have a 5 megapixel camera that will shoot in Autofocus mode and the quality will be in HD, when you will record the happy moments in Video format then the quality of your shoot go something like 720p  HD. The front facing camera is also there with the help of that you will be eligible to do video chat on Skype and mobile operator based voice calls.

Overall performance

It’s a budget phone even though you don’t have to compromise with the features and that’s the reason people are crazy about asking for its price, features and everything that one can say about and that’s the reason I also came up here at this topic to help you out if you are also going have a device like that can be reliable, durable and mixed with the fancy side too added now.

This gadget will give you a high power experience due to -

  • Windows 8 OS
  • 1 GHz dual core chipset
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 8 GB Internat Storage
  • Expandable up to 64 GB

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  1. Nokia Lumia 620

    Nokia Lumia 620 Win 8 is a great choice as a Smartphone for those who want the latest features in a powerful device. Designed to not only look great, this phone has a Windows Phone 8 Operating System which is teamed with a powerful processor, giving you high performance. Nokia Lumia 620 is ideal for those who want to stay connected at all times as it offers push email, email, IM, MMS and SMS.

  2. Ravi budhwar

    Yup it is looking a nice phone but they should go with Android rather than window and this is also one of the reason why their share in market is reducing.

    1. Robinsh Post author

      I glad you liked it, somehow I’m managing to write only on those topics my readers are asking for and you (who reading this comment) can also use the question box if any question is there in your mind and we can discuss by writing a post for the same.

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