An Ultimate Guide for Naming a Startup

After getting a profitable idea every entrepreneur starts hunting for the best available name that fits their business to become a registered company and serve the target market legally. Here in this guide you would read everything that is required for self help in naming a startup.

Coming Up With a Good Business Name

naming a startup

Never choose a name for business in a hurry because it would be the first impression of the overall business that includes marketing, production and selling the products or providing services that satisfies the customer need.

  • Create a List of Industry Leading Companies

Companies working best in the industry you are about to start would always be the best idea giving to help you decide a name for yourself, and that’s why your first step should be list building where you would mention the companies dealing almost in the same category where you would produce or provide your services and for that you could take the help of the Internet, magazines, newspapers, television advertisements, billboards etc.

Just create the list having the best companies and no doubt all of them would help you to explore your thinking to become highly innovative in finding a good name that would never last from your customers and client’s mind.

  • Use Name Suggestion Tools

If you are conducting your research online then domain name research tools could be another way to help in naming a startup and for that you have to research for available domain names, if some specific domain names are available to register then there is some possibility building that the company name would also be available to register.

You could check the domain availability by searching using the tools like listed below :-

  1. NameTumbler
  3. Domainit
  4. DomainTools
  5. Dynadot

During name research you should think out of the box and try using short, memorable and meaningful words that do not require efforts in pronounciation.

  • Hire an Expert to do Some Research

If you are about to giving a startup into the category where you are not getting any good business name available to register then you could always hire someone who have expertise to do the research for you and help you save your time.

You could try a $5 research report at Fiverr.

And the online outsourcing hubs like Freelancer, Odesk or Elance could be the best fit for you in hiring a research firm or an individual expert who could suggest better available names to help you in naming a startup within a very short span of time.

Due to competition you would get these highly recommended services at very low charges so create a post and wait until anyone bid within your budget having some awesome reviews that shows their better work experience.

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    Selection of brand or business is the basic and most important step in start-up. No-doubt it is very confusing situation when someone is going to finalize any start-up business. In this scenario your shared tips and ideas are very important and helpful to select a right name for business which is compulsory. “Use Name Suggestion Tools” are very helpful to get good ideas and suggestions about it.

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