Make Money Using BuySellAds (BSA)

In November 2011 I officially moved from Google Adsense to BuySellAds (BSA) for getting direct advertisers at my blog and being a BSA’er I would like review this site here in the category of Money Making because it’s really a best way to find advertisers for your blog or site without any stress of being disabled for Adsense is popular in newbies.

Here I will share my personal experience with BSA and how it will help you to make most out of your efforts you are providing at your blog or site and still using Google Adsense waiting for receiving your PIN or first check what might have lost anywhere in the dark room of the courier company’s office.

How I grew my earning 150% using BuySellAds ?

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I ignored a lot this site even after reading most powerful reviews already out in blogosphere because it really makes money for it’s publishers and also gives a great conversion result to the Advertisers.

Finally I got some hint that BSA is the only site every blogger can trust upon because here they have an expert panel who personally visits each and every site before accepting and adding in their database and also have a great maintenance system to provide easy to install services any new blogger can understand and also it’s a place where you can track your AD records being a publisher or advertiser as well to fix best suited price for any Ad Space and being an Advertiser it will help to place your money at the right blog or say at the right ad slot available at any site online.

Anyway I do apply for getting approval for adding my site in BSA publisher database and yeah they rejected the same for 2-3 times but finally I won and now I am officially using BuySellAds for getting direct advertisers for grabbing more money in comparison of my earning of Google Adsense.

See my blog BSA details here -

For the 40,000 impressions on the monthly basis I am charging maximum of $55 and all slots are sold out while when I was there at Adsense people only clicked the ads for making me $30-50 overall per month and it’s really amazing I never received their PIN for address verification, doesn’t matter I later verified my account sending them my Drivers Licence via fax and then also never got any check from their Standard Mail services what is now changed to Private Courier Company service (better now).

How I’m making money on Twitter using BuySellAds ?

make money for tweets

Being a famous twitter user having a list of followers over 9000 made me to think for giving a try for sponsored tweets and I started with BSA and it was really great just within 24 hours of installation twitter account in BSA account made me my first ad booked of $10 yeah it was awesome getting paid Rs.500 (approx) just for an automatic and single tweet in my followers to let them know about the offer and services of the advertiser.

How to get approved by BuySellAds team ?

There is nothing like mess here as you can easily findout at Google Adsense terms and conditions page what really sucks mostly if you are a newbie in blogging and just out for getting advertisers for making money online.

Some of the must follow terms you should seriously care about before applying for getting approved in BuySellAds publisher database.

  • You should be of 18 or older
  • You should have PayPal account
  • Should have a website not in under construction mode
  • You blog or site should have original content
  • Your blog should be active since last 6 months
These are overview of important terms and conditions and hence you should follow these before applying for approval, if they will reject your submission surely they will mention the reasons behind rejection of your property and the you can correct them all for next submission and getting approved mail.

Advantages of Using BuySellAds ?

If you still stick with Adsense and not satisfied with the results then move to BSA and you will feel you had done something good on the side of money making section of your site and account as well instead of just paying overheads or other charges.

Benefits of using BSA :-

  • BSA team will do all the AD management for you
  • You can track your blog or ad conversion rate
  • Any blogger can’t create false stats to charge more than legit
  • You will not be under stress of finding advertisers to sponsor your blog

Disadvantages of Using BuySellAds ?

It was a personal experience as well as a complete review of BuySellAds hence it’s a must have section to include for making you aware about it’s negative point you will happily accept instead of showing “Advertise Here” banners of text over your blog.

Negative point of BSA :-

  • They will charge 25% of your earning for AD management
  • Due to heavy business problems may take some time before getting solution

Anyway after getting paid without any harassment like Google Adsense do you will feel not to forget BSA for using at your next blog to make money also will surely suggest to your blogger friends for experiencing all the above services just after paying 25% of every sold property.

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  1. PrIyAnGsHu

    BuySellAds is really a great network to monetize our blogs. I have been making some good money with them for a while now.

  2. Niku

    hi Robinsh, thanks for this easy tutorial to make money online i easily like your tips for making money through

    1. Robinsh Post author

      Hello Niku, thanks for your comment and I appreciate myself here this time that I got a positive review regards my several tutorials published on digmlm.

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    It was very interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks the author for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read more soon.

    1. Robinsh Post author

      Hi there,

      I looked at your site before giving reply to your comment here and I found you are dealing in a very rich category “Technology” and also a great design.

      As you said poor ranking at Alexa might be also a reason you are not getting their approval, these are the stats they check all the times to measure your traffic to give satisfaction to their advertisers and hence make correction as they might have sent you in reply in against your application.

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