An Inspirational Workspace: How Businesses have Transformed their Offices

The idea of creating an inspirational workspace may seem absurd to some people, but is it really worthwhile? It might not seem that obvious, but there can be quite a lot to be said for making an office a little more comfortable, bright and colorful. As we’re about to see, some offices can be pretty inspirational places to do the nine-to-five shift in without feeling jaded or bored.

Letting in the light

lightening at workspace

Sometimes, it pays dividends to make as much use of natural light as possible, something that the Berlin-based gaming company Aeria Games have done with aplomb. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of light in, helping to save energy as well as reduce the necessity for employing an over-complicated color scheme.

Something else Aeria have done with their office is use light colors to help make the workspace seem lighter still. Meanwhile, the desks are spaced out, meaning that workers have more room to move.

Furniture you can work with

furniture at workspace

A survey by Podspace of office workers throughout the UK found that 27% of people would find contemporary and colorful furniture the most inspiring, while 26% said they would prefer leather and luxury furniture in their office. One Workplace, a furniture sales firm, have gone for the former to create one of the most stylish offices you may ever clap your eyes on.

The boomerang-shaped office space is a nice touch, providing a good place to have a meeting or simply to look out on to the rest of the workspace to see how everyone’s doing.

Czech this out

workspace surveys

The same survey also revealed that 20% of workers would prefer partitioning on desks to eye level, something which is evident from the office of Economia, a Czech newspaper and magazine publishing firm. Making full use of their massive open office space, they have decided to decorate it with giant 3D letters, livening up what could be a pretty drab and uninspiring place to work in.

Scope for more space

scope for more workspace

Something advertising firm Scopely have done to try and liven up their office is install a few works of art. They have also managed to create plenty of space by keeping the desks close together, with the artworks in full view. This isn’t something you’re likely to see in a typical office, but if you like the idea of a quirky and spacious workplace, this is the template to follow.

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