Freedom from Job Dependency

Nobody knows when he or she will ask to leave but No Worries! But I know it’s not that easy to not worry about it, but dear friend you won’t be able to get anything by just worrying, think about other potential things you possess, to start the flow of money again.

Most of us got so busy in our 9-5 job, job dependency or 9-9 business, even we forget that also we can make money by taking out very less but profitable time which can multiply your bank balance through your existing resources. It just require bit of your involvement & smart vision.


Let the money, make money for you- Are you aware from the word “Passive Income” this is the regular & involuntary resource of increasing your capital. It’s exciting too coz it doesn’t require your full time participation & reduces your taxes & bring more money in your pocket. It’s a safe & less effort taking strategy to generate the passive earning plant & get freedom from job dependency.

Anatomy of Earnings

Below are the Earnings Resources

  • Primary Source- When you worked for someone or for a firm, in return, by the end of the month/day you get salary or incentives for that. This is the universal way of income.
  • Alternative Source– Whatever money you are earning apart from job dependency, source can be anything by blogging, article writing, interest through investments or online click revenue etc know as alternative income.

Types of Earning inc. Job Dependency

  • Active Earning (Earned by self) – Here you work for money. You are getting paid for the time you spend on work. Once you stop working there will be no earning.
  • Passive Earning (Residual Earning) – This is just opposite to active earning,  here money works for you & even if you stop spending time for these sources, the flow of earning still remains, amount may vary but something will keep coming in your pocket.

Take away from this is to producing primary income (Job/Business) acquire long period, exertion, & money too. In fact almost all company wants at least graduation, training, or any professional degree when you go for an interview. Again it takes 3-4 years to become a graduate, huge money & time. If I have to give 3 hours per day for one year to make an earning source that could generate $1,000 per month. I would say that’s great deal, what say? After setting this one passive earning you can diversify you’re earning resources by giving little extra effort in building multiple money flow. Try & convert your sources into passive earning by investing in property, Fix deposit. Also keep on working towards alternative earning this will give you financial freedom. Now a day’s its very risky to follow job dependency when some company don’t even hesitating in firing their employee just for cost cutting.

Create more & more wealth & make yourself financially independent by investing your gross income into right kind of sources…Money has power to do, “Not Everything But MOST OF THE THINGS.”

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