Course Structure for the Event Management in India

Are you from India and looking for enrolling yourself in event management, MBA then you should have a quick look at the course structure generally they cover in almost all the universities and institutions.

Event Management – Course Structure


It’s good to go because almost every important aspect of event planning and promotion is covered into the course structure and best for you if you dreams to become an event planner in future.

Semester 1.

  • Principles and practices of event management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Accounting for management
  • Quantitative techniques
  • Managerial economics
  • Corporate communications
  • Computer applications for event industry
  • Viva

Semester 2.

  • Business environment
  • Events production and operation management
  • Human resource management
  • Marketing management
  • Financial management
  • Workshop on research methodology
  • Workshop on information technology
  • Viva

Semester 3.

  • Business research
  • Corporate legal environment and licences
  • Event concept and designing
  • Event logistics
  • Handling of media & PR & brand management
  • Management information systems
  • Presentations – event industry
  • Viva

Semester 4.

  • Strategic management
  • Management of international business
  • Event safety and security
  • Special events
  • Organization of events, values and ethics of event industry
  • Final research project
  • Viva

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