Everything YOU Need to Know About Distance Education for Working People

Last year around the same time I published an article written by Robert Williams who is actually a guest author and contributed a well written piece of information entitled Distance Learning – Road to Riches solving student’s challenges where they find it difficult to know what is right and what is wrong, if they are going to choose the distance learning or direct learning mode of education for their future studies.

And now readers demand that I take the same article for further discussion within this post I would like to target :-

  1. Working Professionals
  2. Business Person
  3. Housewife
  4. Physically Disabled
  5. Financially Weak

Or anyone else who wants to continue their studies for continuous growth from their current position in the company or the society due to having advanced and updated knowledge about a particular subject in which he or she enrolled.

How to Continue YOUR Studies while Working ?

direct learning

As written by Robert in his article, it’s not the time that bounds people to study only inside the traditional classrooms, so what is that changed now in terms of continuing studies doing your day job or business ?

  • Interest of reading books Ebooks -

If we are discussing about distance education online we should have some interest of reading the ebooks and notes given by the institution from where you are continuing your studies from. This will help you become a good student by showing progress in your examination reports.

You don’t have to create interest, because you already have interest of reading books but now the technology is involved and you have to read your books in electronic format and that would be really a good thing though because now you can read your study material very easily anywhere just by having the high end gadgets like smart phone, tablet, netbook or the notebook  PC.

Also read our review of Amazon Kindle Fire (best ‘ebook reader’ created ever).

  • Writing practices for facing examinations -

Mainly in subjective examinations you need to have some writing practices because you might have come from where writing longer matters on paper. Due to the technology and gadget we are almost leaving the pen and text books but being a student you have to face them again.

  • An institution with reputation -

We always like to look for the most reputed institutions for getting our degree from the regular mode of education on campus, in the same way you should always be very serious in choosing an institution for the distance learning mode while working, even if you have to pay a very low academic fee. The Variety of online MBA degrees, RN degrees, among others are endless, that is why you should make sure you do enough research on the institution that best fits the degree you’re pursuing.

Because your degree matters, and if you are continuing your distance education from an unknown institution then again the company you apply for can ask which college or community is from that you got your degree ? If unknown, you will find that your degree and education is of no use and all the time and efforts gone to waste so please consider checking our list of the top 5 distance education universities in India.

You should also visit the institution’s official website to see the registration and affiliation details and most importantly that is approved by distance education council or not before asking for the registration form.

  • Minimal amount as academic fee -

When you see the fee structure of distance mode of education online or on campus then it would be minimal in comparison of the regular mode of education on campus.

Why are these institutions charging a lot less ?

Good question, why would they charge a lot less even if you are going to get the degree of equivalent value than those students who are in a regular course ? It’s because by choosing the distance mode of education the heavy charges such as infrastructure charges, security charges, development charges etc

And that’s why they only charge the value of the degree.

  • Access to your course material -

After getting admission you will get instant access to your course material using an ID and secret code, now you can log in to your account anytime you get free of your job or business and start reading the course material having some notes for the important point simultaneously in a notebook to get help during the preparation of the examinations.

This system helps you in your studies by giving you complete access to your course material along with a community inside a forum where other students and faculty members also holds their account and discuss over their doubts so you can also ask for the help if finding any difficulty in understanding any topic from your subject.

Important* – If it happens that you are not getting it easy to study online or offline using your gadgets then please don’t think and get your course material printed out and study using that hard copy for your convenience.

  • Use reference books – 

Generally it happens that your institution helps  you in listing out the reference books you can go through to make your study more effective and easy to understand and write as much as the question requires.

For getting those books you can check your local library, old book market or the seniors or faculty who are in contact with you by using study forum and they will definitely be happy to help you in finding the old books because generally those reference books comes too costly and can cross the amount you deposited as academic fee.

If you manage to get contacts of your seniors then they will provide you their notes and old books that will help you a lot on focusing on just studying those papers instead of composing them from the beginning.

  • Know about your University and then appear in the examinations -

It really matters to know about your virtual University previous records because that record knowledge will help you to write with the strategy, now when you are dealing with some University then doesn’t matter how good you are prepared for the question papers but it matters that how you are following the papers as per as the requirement of the examiner.

Like in some Universities they require a lot of words in your answers means they also looks at the length of your answers to decide that what is the level of your knowledge and that decided your marks while some other University might go the straight and strict way and give the marking only according to their rules like section wise marking, making for exact answer etc.

Now hope you will get good marks, if in case you thinks that your marks are very poor in response of your good examinations then see the next point as I’m discussing below.

  • Not satisfied with your marks, check the rules for re-evaluation -

Please don’t go for the re-evaluation without checking the University rules because sometimes you might lose the current position too because according to some University rules you will the marks as per as recent result that will come after the re-evaluation and if GOD is not hearing your story you will waste your money and lose your current position at the same time.

Some Universities will only do totalling of your marks while some will do the proper checking so be sure you have some security ahead after filling the re-evaluation form, and yes you have to pay some re-evaluation fee too that would be something like Rs.200-1000 per paper.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

Please don’t leave this page without sharing this article with your friends if you think that they will get some high quality information about distance education for working people for free and also leave a comment below that how I helped you by writing this article ?

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    1. Robinsh Post author

      Thanks for your kind words and a great recommendation to help the other students who are actually reading the comment section.

  2. Aleksandra

    Very useful post. Thanks. I would add that dults strive their education to be relevant to their needs. What they are learning must be further used at their work, increase their values or increase other responsibilities.Therefore they need to consider the following aspects:
    1. Determine the location / institution of the class.
    2. Is the class and the institution offering the class allowing flexibility that you need?
    3. What are the prerequisites for the class?
    4. Which materials do I need and how much do they costs?
    5. Is your instructor available to respond to questions and meet with you?
    6. Review carefully the course description and outline.
    7. What you get for completing the adult education course or curriculum?

    I follow this area at http://www.onlinecultus.com and I think your info is valuable.
    Best regards,

    1. Robinsh Post author

      Hi Aleksandra, thanks for your valuable comment and putting up your offerings about the value of distance mode of education that can help to every individual who are interested even if working as an employee or running own business and not getting time to be enroll in a full time regular course to boost the modern information level as well as a college degree.

  3. lokesh

    Nice article Robinsh, I remember the days when i had taken up distance education and referring eBooks to study online as i didn’t had time or was not able to carry physical books wherever i travel. Also it is important for working professionals to schedule time for reading which is the biggest challenge. This is definitely a path for any working professionals.

    1. Robinsh Post author

      Hi Lokesh thanks for sharing your experiences because it will help other students understand that now the time is changed and they have to go the e-book way to lower down the weight of their office bag.

    1. Robinsh Post author

      Hope you got a lot of information out of this article what took my 3 hours of mid night to research and write a copy about distance education for working professionals.

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