Goodbye Digmlm. Hello BuzzInBiz !

From the last 3 years I was working hard to gain some credibility in business blogging to help the small business owners, budding entrepreneurs and the management students and now when I have some base I think it needs to go to the next level and that’s why I’m introducing BuzzInBiz as the successor of digmlm.

Why Retiring Digmlm ?

digmlm is now buzzinbiz

In the past I came to know that you the readers and business partners are getting it difficult in understanding the meaning of digmlm and how to pronounce it correctly and I know that is really a disastrous point if I’m planning it to give a long run, what is that is I’m planning since the very beginning.

Even with such a difficulty digmlm gain massive exposure in online media and helping its readers and also serving them to create their own website or blog for their business for free.

Mission statement of BuzzInBiz

The BuzzInBiz replacing digmlm only to help you remember this place for getting expert support and opinion for your business and now it is live with a stronger mission statement where I would help you gain more exposure for your business events in India and that is totally free like the previous service where I was creating a website or blog for free from where your business could get the customers attention and that service is also running along the way.

Some short of features of BuzzInBiz (BIB) –

  • Promote Business Events in India – FREE
  • Web Development Services – FREE
  • Online Business Consultancy – FREE
  • Business Building Tips – FREE

And this time I would not serve alone but move ahead with a qualified team of professionals outsourced around the globe where some of them would get paid for their services and most of them would work to gain exposure via our blog page so don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter (look into the sidebar) to follow their expert opinion and free services.

Suggestions Invited

I know it matters to follow the readers heart and that’s why digmlm became the BIB and now again I would like to get instant feedback from your side via comments or email and this time you have say what are the key points you want to see in the above mentioned services we are about to deliver for you and other readers like you.

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  1. It is nice development, everyone wants to take next step especially when you are experienced. I will say it is good decision for next step because everything wants to develop and when we start something new definitely we get fast benefits.