Building a Client Base with CRM

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Being a start-up company can be a vulnerable time. Often with lots of money going out and not as much coming back in. This is generally because you don’t have a client base to provide stability; the way around this of course is to build your client base quickly to cover your costs. This is easier said than done though.

A great way of helping this situation is customer relationship management software, or CRM software. This is software which helps you keep track of your clients and prospects by consolidating all of your information together. Meaning when you call a prospect, you have all the information on the account at your fingertips, this can really help you to close those deals and get more people on board.

CRM system

On top of that many CRM packages go to the next level and help manage your company with document management, marketing management and sales process management keeping all your business processes clear and avoiding the confusion which can so easily occur with a lack of organisation. One of the most important effects from this increase in organisation is the ability to retain clients; building a client base is far easier when your clients are confident in your ability and that you’re on top of their account.

Other benefits of course include increased productivity, especially when you integrate such systems into the phone system allowing calling directly from the computer allowing PBX capabilities. Combined this can help to really project the image of a successful well managed company and even make you look larger than you are. The benefit of this when attracting clients is that with a very professional outgoing appearance, you can pick up the larger, higher quality clients, which will really help to develop your business.

Great things such as this of course come with a cost attached and top level CRM software can be very expensive. This can be a huge stumbling block for a lot of small companies who might otherwise benefit from such software. Another option is however looking at CRM cloud software; charged on a monthly basis as opposed to a large upfront payment as well as not requiring the servers and a lot of the setup, which often makes the initial setup costs so high.

The question then is, how can you afford not to give CRM a look. As your business grows it will become more and more a requirement rather than a benefit and you could even find that it’ll help build your business to the next level faster! If you’re still not convinced, why not give it a trial many packages offer a free trial of their software. There’s really nothing to lose!

2 thoughts on “Building a Client Base with CRM

  1. Matilda

    How any business can ignore the benefits of a robust CRM system is beyond me. CRM helps to boost productivity and innovation, providing better customer experiences that get results. Having strong customer service that ensures customer will keep coming back is vital for the success of any business

  2. Patrica

    Thanks for a great post Will. CRM is more than just an email system. It’s an integrated software solution that can help any and all businesses at any level.

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