Share a Funny Moment of an Event and Win a Flipkart e-Gift Voucher

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I know you loves freebies and rewards for your time over any particular site and that’s why here is a chance where you can Win a Flipkart e-Gift Voucher worth Rs.500.

What to Do to Win this Reward ?

share to win flipkart gift voucher

Don’t worry you don’t have to complete various tasks in order to become eligible for this reward that could help you buy almost anything of your like a apparel, smartphone accessories, tablet or computer accessories, electronic items, cosmetic items, gift item and so on. Continue reading

How to Organize a Health Camp for Adults

This is a guest post written by Ruby Andrew, if you are also interested in writing a guest post here at BuzzInBiz please check our guidelines.

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy while learning important things in life. Adult health camps target to improve the health of every participant  who joins these activities. It aims to provide valuable information about a specific topic that is related to health. There is a rise in the number of sponsored adult health camps in the country that promotes a certain aspect of health. Most activities in adult health camps include lectures, training and seminars as well as other fun activities like games and contests which depends upon the theme of the health camp.

Organizing a Health Camp for Adults

organize a health camp

Organizing a health camp for adults may be quite a huge task, which may require an amount of time when it comes to planning and executing the said camp. However, the results of organizing a health camp can be rewarding especially when you want to disseminate facts to participants and help others achieve optimum health. The secret to having a successful health camp for adults is through proper planning of the event. Good planning and proper execution of the plans will truly make your health camp a hit and participants will surely be looking forward to the next event after that. Continue reading

How Internet is Boosting Event Promotion

In 21st century after the globalization of Internet and it’s use in common people the event industry also grown tremendously because of direct reach to the potential clients and customers who thinks about hosting an event or to them who thinks about attending those events.

Similarly the companies gone online all along the way and created a setup to host, manage and book event tickets online with the help of user interface aka web sites and transaction mechanisms we know as payment gateways.

Internet Boosting Events


Internet is boosting events by customizing various aspects of it and some of them are listed below :- Continue reading

8 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a House

mistakes to avoid when buying a house

Buying a home for one’s own can be quite an emotional process, which has lots of implications, for instance the state of your budget, the place of living and many other things to consider. Thus, it is very important to stay reserved and not let emotions influence making the right choice for you.

Real estate experts mentions eight typical mistakes one can make when purchasing a home, and avoiding these will mean you avoid lots of problems on your way to happy life. Continue reading

An Inspirational Workspace: How Businesses have Transformed their Offices

The idea of creating an inspirational workspace may seem absurd to some people, but is it really worthwhile? It might not seem that obvious, but there can be quite a lot to be said for making an office a little more comfortable, bright and colorful. As we’re about to see, some offices can be pretty inspirational places to do the nine-to-five shift in without feeling jaded or bored.

Letting in the light

lightening at workspace

Sometimes, it pays dividends to make as much use of natural light as possible, something that the Berlin-based gaming company Aeria Games have done with aplomb. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of light in, helping to save energy as well as reduce the necessity for employing an over-complicated color scheme. Continue reading

Investing in a Restaurant Business

Your friend Manisha is great at cooking and she is a banker by profession and one day she invited you and some other common friends at the dinner where she announced that she want to open a restaurant soon and inviting you all to invest in her first business ever.

investing in a food business

Please be careful of the words like ‘first timer’ before accepting her invitation because being a great chef at home could not define success at a food business because of some other important aspects involved like finance management, marketing and customer dealings. Continue reading

Best Posts of the BuzzInBiz in 2013

It was really an awesome year for digmlm because it’s got a new identity BuzzInBiz focused to event management students and professionals.

Best of BuzzInBiz 2013

And now like the last year I’m here again to let you know that what was most popular among the digmlm or buzzinbiz readers helping you stay subscribed to the upcoming updates and plan your advertising campaigns if you  are looking to target BIB readers. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Attend SSON India

Shared Services and Business Outsourcing Week India is taking place on 3-4 of the December 2013, at the Hyatt Regency hotel Gurgaon, India.


According to the recent survey it is mentioned that India was one of the pioneers in taking benefits from the shared services and business outsourcing but couldn’t retain the position and now it’s again trying its best to become number one into this industry. Continue reading

The Economic Times Presents ACETECH 2013

The Economic Times presenting the ACETECH 2013 where ACE represents (Architecture, Construction & Engineering) and this event is completely dedicated to the fast forward moving construction business in Asia, especially in India.

The Economic Times Acetech


Real-estate businesses are really an awesome support in Indian economy and due to increasing demand there is the need for investors and entrepreneurs to listen the already established company representatives. Continue reading

Free eBook – How to Make $100 a Day, Online

I have something for you if you are also interested in money making online, creating a complete website/blog, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing or for email marketing and that is a step by step guide to help you make $100 a day, online.

What is there in the guide ?

Make $100 a Day, Online

It’s a pretty much compact guide for the people who are interested in money making online and that covers topics like :- Continue reading