Indian Cyberspace Is Under Attack, Be Alert!

Indian cyberspace came into the attack of a spammer virus, confirmed on 24th Feb by Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In). The virus is named ‘Bamital‘ its actual work is hijacking the search engine results and replacing the results with advertisement links as specified by its creator and slowing down the computer.

Slow Computer

The Indian cyber security agency has warned in its latest advisory:

A Trojan virus called ‘Bamital’ has been detected in the country’s internet network. “It has been observed that Trojan Bamital is propagating very faster. Bamital is a one-click-attack Trojan which can infect your system with just one click on infected file or link. It can modify the search results and redirects users to advertisement links as specified by attackers controlled command-and-control server (Bamital server).

“Bamital is a malware designed to hijack search engine results,” the advisory said.

The virus itself has ability to click or open on any advertisement links if user doesn’t interact after some specified time. And if for some reason the Bamital servers are unable to serve customized website, they serve tainted search results to be displayed to the user’s browser.

According to CERT-In, the Bamital can also intercepts your web browser traffic and prevents you from accessing certain security-related websites by modifying the Hosts file on the computer.

CERT-In advice you to install any trusted Internet Security program if you be online more than normal, or trusted antivirus program for offline users for combating with this malware program.

The advisory also states that this virus is primarily propagated through drive-by-downloads (unintended download) and maliciously modified files in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, also known as torrent downloads.

What are the Symptoms of Bamital Infection ?

  • Slow Computer.
  • Websites open without your interaction.
  • Wrong/Unintended site open when click results in Search Engine Results (SERPs).
  • Unable to Open Certain Security Related site, e.g Quick Heal, Bitdefender etc.

How Can Defend Your System From This Bamital Infection ?

  • By not visiting unsolicited web links or attachments in E-Mail messages.
  • By Installing a Trusted Internet Security Software, e.g Kaspersky, Quick Heal etc.
  • Install a Trusted Internet Security or Antivirus software will never protect you, until you keep its database updated regularly so the program can know about the latest threats and malware in the internet world.

If Infected, How Can You Remove It ?

  1.  Boot into safe mode and do a full scan with your anti-virus software e.g Kaspersky.
  2. If that doesn’t find any infect file or virus, download and run Virus Removal Tools.
  3. If that also doesn’t cure the problem, you can use your Kaspersky Rescue Disk (comes with internet security and total security pack) or any other you might have.
  4. At last if none of the above solves your problem then probably you have some other infections also and now you will have to re-install your windows.

If you have any question related to Bamital infection then please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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