Baidu Inc. to Make 50 Plus Partners for Project Apollo

Baidu Inc. one of the largest Internet company from China. As many of us know that Baidu is a search engine to help Internet users search for the right product or service provider from all over the web network.

apollo driverless project

But now it is in competition with Google dream project for availing the driverless car for public transport. Baidu named it Apollo and to make it more stronger it is in the process of partnering with the companies like Microsoft Corp., Bosch, Continental and Chinese Automakers.

Soon the Baidu users would see Baidu powered driverless car and may be they would also have audio activated speakers installed within the cars because they already showcased it. Whatever happens in the coming days, no doubt company is planning a mega launch into this niche and want every other mega companies to participate and get involved in creating the similar project using their projects as the base resource and platform.

According to company executives, Baidu is still lagging in technology when it comes to compete with the Google driverless project Waymo but they are quite confident in releasing their first set of driverless cars in 2018 and mass production expected from 2021. Company is taking it as a mega opportunity and going to dive deeper to come up with more of similar projects based upon artificial intelligence.

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