7 Sure-fire Tips to Make Money Online

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Internet has opened up several new avenues for making money and it is fast becoming one of the prosperous ways to make easy money. In this era of internet dependence, thousands of users earn substantial money from the comfort of their homes. Certainly a good percentage of the population depends on the internet as their primary source of income, while some others use it to supplement their income from their regular jobs.

Depending on your talents and skills there are tons of ways you could make money off the net. Many take advantage to save up towards obtaining their own online business and with the help of reputable factoring companies it can definitely be done.

There’s no way I can tell you ALL the tips to make money online, but here are the 7 sure-fire tips:

#1. Start a Blog -

starting a blog

Whether you’re selling cars of perfume (online), you can use your blog to keep your clients updated of latest developments and provide them with useful information. Post interesting and original content, and not only will your clients keep coming back, they are highly likely to recommend your site to friends as well. You can also have non intrusive ads and affiliate marketing programs on your blogs, and earn additional revenue. If you are not selling any product but have a way with words, you can sell your writing skills. There are a lot of companies who hire writers to write articles so as to rank well in Google search results.

#2. The social media is very powerful -

social media for making money

Use it to your advantage! Create a separate page for your business, post updates and info on your product and related topics. Ask your friends to like and share your page. This way their friends (who may be unknown to you) will be able to see it. The domino effect means more publicity for your products and services, and more leads.

#3. Graphics and Coding -

graphics and design for money making online

If your dreams are digital then you can turn them into cash online. Several firms and individuals hire graphic designers for a couple of hours. The pay is not half bad too. You can expect to be paid either by the hour or per job. There are designers who have earned over $50 for a simple logo design which takes just minutes. If you’re a tech geek then you can earn some extra bucks for coding good quality web pages. HTML/CSS, PHP and Perl experts are always in demand online.

#4. Data entry -

data entry for making money online

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist for this. If you have the time and patience but don’t have writing or coding skills this is a great way to make money online. The simplest thing is typing scanned or handwritten docs in MS Word. There are also more complicated jobs like transcribing different programs.

#5. Paid to click and survey -

survey to make money online

This is a little slow, but hey! You have nothing to lose. You just have to view a website for a certain number of seconds for which you get a few cents. While this might sound like small fry, you could make a decent amount by doing this for a few hours daily. Most sites also pay more if you refer friends.

You can also Click Here! to participate in paid surveys.
If you’re worried about sites misusing info, you need not reveal all the details.

#6. Buy and Sell -

buy and sell to make money online

The old wisdom of buy cheap and sell dear holds true here too. Buy websites for a song, develop them a tad and sell them for a profit. You need to do this on the same day to make some money this way. In addition, you can earn steady income by regulating and managing domain names, or else you could also purchase private label products at a low cost repackage them for specific segments and sell them at profit.

#7. Auctioning -

auction to make money online

Well, if you feel you don’t enough time to manage a blog or website then embark on online auctioning. Websites like eBay, Webstore and eBid are goldmines where the moneymaking opportunities are copious. You can just sell and auction just about anything at these websites, but make sure you select a product that is in demand and that provides you high profit margin. For this purpose, you can check out the list of in demand items in pulse.ebay.com. When dealing with sellers, be cautious as there are many scammers in this space.

Author Bio :- Stuart Ownes of satellitesales.com, a site that offers savings and current information on how to save with dish network deals, as well as dish.com services.

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  1. Making Money Online

    The advantage with this tip on how to make money online for free and fast is that you can flip just about anything out there. Some people even manage to flip website domains. In this case, you will have to do some research on the industries, topics and keywords that are currently trending.

    1. Robinsh

      you should google the term “data entry jobs” and also create a profile over freelancer.com
      where many employers are looking for you.

    1. Robinsh

      Sure Michael I’ll try my best to come up more helpful content to make every body aware about making money online through blogging either from my own research or from an expert of the niche in coming weeks so stay tuned and subscribe the newsletter to be informed about the happenings.

  2. PrIyAnGsHu

    Great post Robinsh. I think blogging is the best way to earn money online among all these methods, which I think should be followed by freelancing works. Anyways, thanks for sharing this post buddy.

    1. Robinsh

      Hey Priyangshu, thanks for your appreciation.
      This article is a great guest post and I think he did a great contribution to let the readers think about making money online.

      I agree with your words that Blogging is one of the best way to make money online but a newbie blogger should have some patience until the success rolls in.

    1. Robinsh

      It’s a guest post so I’ll give full credit to the author and yes blog design you are talking about took several edits in last 2 year span of time to look as it is today.

    1. Robinsh

      If you have the energy to be regular in anything you are doing then you can use the word surefire because today or tomorrow the results will become positive.

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