7 Entrepreneurs Who Will Inspire You and Your Business

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You’ll often hear that becoming a successful business owner doesn’t happen overnight. It’s true, but it is possible to make something out of nothing…or at least not much. Entrepreneurs are creative producers of success. In some cases, it’s a natural intuition that leads a business to success. In other cases, it’s stone-cold grit, hard work and burning the midnight oil. In most cases, it’s a mix of both. After you’ve educated yourself, it’s smart to look at models of success.

The following 7 entrepreneurs are great examples of business owners who made a lot out of a little.

1. Jill Blashack Strahan

jill blashack

Blashack Strahan started a gourmet food company with $6000, a backyard shed and a table. She faced moments of failure when she couldn’t pay the mortgage, employees or bills. In spite of these fearful moments, she kept going. She says she kept focused by saying to herself,

“This is your dream. Recommit and get to work.”

Twelve years later she has a $120 million dollar business.

2&3. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield


That’s right. Ben and Jerry started out with $8000 of their own and a $4000 loan. They took a correspondence course on ice cream making and leased an old gas station in Burlington, Vermont. They followed the basic rule of business: see a lack and fill it. Burlington was one of the only college towns out there lacking an ice cream shop. Twenty years later, their little company is grossing $237 million.

4&5. Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor

pamela and

The co-founders of Juicy Couture started their clothing label with $200 and a revolving line of credit. Neither designer had a salary for the first two years. Now famous for those terry and velour tracksuits, Juicy Couture is in all of the big department stores.

6. Jeni Garrett

Jeni Garrett

Garrett grew up on a dairy farm in Texas where she wold roadside flowers and owned a cattle business at the age of 14. In 2001 Garrett bought a home that she turned into Woodhouse Day Spa. She consistently revised the business to meet client needs. One of her contributions to the spa world was to offer results-oriented treatments. Today the spa has 25 locations in 14 states with 40 prospective locations planned for Canada and 100 for India.

7. Chad Mureta

Chad Mureta

Mureta started his business from a hospital bed where he was recuperating from an accident. His real estate business was suffering while he was absent and his hospital bills were adding up. He turned to a growing industry in the mobile applications field after reading a magazine article from the hospital bed. Mureta took out a $1800 loan to produce Fingerprint Security-Pro, which soon became one of the most popular apps on the market. The app turned into three different app companies.

Mureta’s advice is to entrepreneurs is, “don’t be intimidated to take advantage of a market that you might not have experience in.”

Entrepreneurial endeavors include the ups and downs of failure and success. One day will be exciting and you’ll make break-throughs and other days will feel like a door slammed in your face. In the darker moments, read about other entrepreneurs and take comfort in their fortitude and success in spite of the odds.

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